Get Help in Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is not as easy as you might think. Nicotine if one of the most addictive substances and, if you have a long history of smoking or consume more than a pack of cigarettes a day, it would be advisable that you seek help while quitting smoking. Here is a brief list of healing… Read More »

Quitting Smoking – 9 Practical Steps

1. For now, when you are smoking, try to become very conscious of the process – allow yourself to get engaged in it completely. When you smoke – just smoke, do not be disturbed by other activities. Try to get as much pleasure from the cigarette as possible. Go outside, breath in deeply, and pay… Read More »

Which Stop Smoking Pill is Best to Choose?

Modern market is full of herbs and pharmaceuticals that promise consumers a complete, pain-free success in quitting smoking. Most quit smoking pills indeed give what they promise, especially if the product is right for you. How to choose the best stop smoking medication? In this article, we intend to give the reader a brief outline… Read More »

Female Smokers Find It Harder to Kick Their Habit

Statistics show that smoking women have a harder time in quitting their unhealthy habit than men do. According to a researcher of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, women’s addiction to both nicotine and their “smoking image” can be stronger and more overwhelming than that of men. Women often do not even attempt to… Read More »