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My Champix Diary


My Champix Diary

Day 1.

Tablet 0.5mg taken at 10:00am – today I’m feeling tired anyway so no comment on any side affects.

I’m really feeling upbeat about my decision to use Champix, mentally I feel like this is my time, my time to stop !

Today is my first day on the med and the instructions have advised me to choose a stop date between day 8 and day14…. I’ve chosen Thurday 15th Nov ( day 8 ), fingers crossed.

8 DAYS TO GO !!!!

Day 2.

Tablet 0.5mg taken at 8:00am – no side affect as yet, it’s far too early to tell.

I’m still feeling upbeat about my decision to QUIT SMOKING and use Champix to assist me in my journey, in-fact I’m really quite excited and looking forward to being SMOKE FREE….. bring it on !!

As this is only my second day on Champix I don’t have much to report, however I’ve found a support forum on the internet http://stopsmokingwp.com. that have an area purely dedicated to Champix/Chantix users. So yesterday I signed up ( free of charge ), I’m going to use this forum to assist me in my SMOKE FREE journey.. I’ve found the people on that forum very very helpful already.

Bye for now, and if you have any tips/tricks or just want a chat about STOPPING SMOKING feel free to drop me a line…

7 DAYS TO GO !!!!

Day 7. Tablet 2×0.5mg ( one morning and one evening ).

Today is day 7 of my tablets, I’ve not had any time lately to update this blog, you see I’m having a bit of a relationship problem at the moment and that’s taken priority…. but needs must and I must update my blog :o)

Surprisingly I still don’t have any side affects, before I started taking Champix/Chantix my research showed that many people started to have vivid dreams, gas and soreheads, thankfully I’ve not had any of them.

Am I starting to feel the effects of Champix/Chantix ? Well yes I am !!. On day 2 I noticed that my smoking intake had decreased dramatically, from 35 to 10 smokes the whole day !!! and that’s without trying. I also noticed that as of day 2 I was feeling very very good, not a drugged feeling but a very natural good feeling.

As I started to feel that way and only on day 2 I posted my feelings into http://stopsmokingwp.com… this is a fantastic site, highly recommended. As it turns out many people feel these effects very early on when using Champix/Chantix… my confidence of my QUIT is now high.

I’ve tried to STOP SMOKING on lots of occasions and used many different aids, NRT, Zyban etc and not once have I felt the way I feel on Champix…. I feel naturally happy and I don’t desire smoking, in-fact when I do have a smoke I no-longer feel any pleasure from it. This time I feel more confident in my QUIT….

Strangely today out of the blue I’m starting to feel a bit nervous thinking about my QUIT day, I know I have the power to STOP but there is something giving me the jitters… I’ll have to remind myself that the nervous will go…. DO THE QUIT and STOP thinking about it !!!!!!!!!

48 HRS TO GO !!!! and only smoking 8 per day now.. wooohoooo


I have to post this !!!

How thick am I, I DON’T have 48hrs left, I calculated wrong, I set my QUIT as the 8th day of taking Champix.. That makes it tomorrow NOT Thursday duh…

Thought I’d just let you all know !! damn I feel stupid, but looking forward to my QUIT..



Today is day 3 as a NON-SMOKER, and I’m very proud of myself !!!

Today I am a non-smoker, this is my 3rd day as a non-smoker…. it feels really good to say that..

I haven’t posted for a few day because I wanted to make sure that I stayed clean, clean of smoke so that I can write on here that I AM A NON-SMOKER…

Over the past few days I’ve had a few ups and downs, however I must make clear that these ups and down aren’t extreme, they are manageable… I’ve STOPPED SMOKING so many time and they were impossible and made me feel ill, not this time ! I can manage it.

You see the Champix/Chantix seems to wrap my craves in cotton wool, making the craves manageable…. thanks Champix…

A few things that I’ve notice are I’m getting a few headaches and my mouth tastes awful… however I know this is down to STOPPING SMOKING and not the Champix/Chantix, this has happened to me on all of my previous QUITS…

Proud: proud because I’m smoke free for 3days, proud because this is the only time I’ve been honest with myself and other about my quit… ( my previous QUITs I always had a fly smoke ) and proud because I now I CAN DO IT.

Working the QUIT and staying strong.

Thank you..



Quick update for you all….
I’ve not been able to update my blog as I’ve been off work ill, and my only internet access is at work.

I can now let you all know that I AM STILL A NON-SMOKER !…

I was on a night out at the weekend, haha more like a whole day out but that’s another story ( very drunk lol ) but I can honestly say I didn’t smoke and I didn’t feel like having a smoke. That was an amazing feeling :o) I was that drunk all I can remember was telling people I DON’T SMOKE….

Over the past 3 days i’ve been finding my craves are extremely bad though, this is due to me being sick and the Champix/Chantix isn’t staying in my system for long ( feels like I’m going cold turkey ) but I’ll just have to stay quit and wait for the Champix to kickin again… I now realise how much Champix has helped.

Sorry got to go, I’m back at work and I’ve got plenty to catch-up on…

Keep The Quit
with the help of

Today I ‘ve started to smoke again.

I’ve started again because over the last 2 weeks I’ve had very strange behaviour… I’ve became depressed, anxious, very scared and aggressive.. My dreams have became increasingly scary ( very sick dreams ) I’ve even thought about carrying out some of the dreams. I’ve also begun to sleep walk naked..

Last night was the last straw, I really do feel like hurting myself and god forbid someone else.. Nothing is worth this feeling.

Again I’ve started to smoke today and stopped taking champix yesterday morning, hopefully all of those feelings are going to subside.

I’m honestly scared shitless of what is happening to me..

At some point in the future I am going to stop smoking again, however not at the moment I NEED MY SANITY back. When I do stop again I’m going to go cold turkey..

Let me please state one thing here – I’M NOT blaming champix nor would I ever try and stop anyone from taking it, I still recommend it to anyone who wants to stop smoking… for many people this is a wonder drug and for a short time it was a wonder drug for me. I’ve tried to stop smoking many times before and I understand what my body was going through on on all of the other occasions… only this time was a bit too wierd.

Please don’t think I’m trying to knock champix, I don’t know if it was or wasn’t champix that has reacted with me, I’ve got an appointment with my doctor in a couple of days, so hopefully that will help in some way.

Sorry for not updating you for a while but you can see why.
Good luck to anyone who is stopping smoking, I wish you all the best.

Dmont, smoking again.