Updated : Apr 20, 2018 in Stop Smoking

Seven Types Of Food For Healthy Lungs

Many smokers know that if your lungs aren’t healthy you are not getting the required amount of oxygen to your body. Your lungs are the vital gas exchange in your body that ensure the respiratory system is working properly.

Seven Types Of Food For Healthy Lungs

Your lungs serve many functions in your body. To have a healthy body, it is essential for you to have healthy lungs. It is a statistical fact that most diagnosed with lung cancer are smokers. To protect your health and your lungs, not only do you need to quit smoking, it would also do you a whole world of good by including as many of these foods as possible in your diet.


Natural Vitamin E is good for the lungs and helps to prevent disease by fighting free radicals that harm the body. Most fish contain Vitamin E and it should be an important dish in your meals. A higher intake of Vitamin E can reduce the risk of lung cancer by more than half, as cited in a study published in the International Journal of Cancer.


Studies have found that Vitamin D can slow declining lung function for those with asthma. Mushrooms are the only vegetables which contain this vitamin. Mushrooms can also help lower high sugar levels which can cause diabetes, which in turn can cause damage to the lungs. However, sunlight is still your best source of Vitamin D.


Mucus can build up on the surface of your lungs over time, which can affect your breathing. Garlic is good at detoxing the lungs and with helping to clear the buildup of this mucus. Garlic contains allicin which can also improve circulation in the lungs, resulting in improved breathing.


Asparagus has the same health benefits as fish because of Vitamin E that is found in this vegetable. Other than the benefit that is stated above, Vitamin E also helps to reduce the risk of developing diseases such as COPD (Coronary Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that COPD is the 5th leading cause of death worldwide.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are rich in magnesium as well as Vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a very important part when it comes to building elastin and collagen in all cells. Together with magnesium, they help maintain healthy lungs by keeping the tissue healthy and reducing the rate of loss of lung function.


Beta-carotene protects the lungs as it is converted into Vitamin A. Papayas are a rich source of beta-carotene. Vitamin A helps protect the lungs by lowering the risk of emphysema. Emphysema is a disease which causes shortness of breath due to the damage to the tissue supporting the physical shape of the lungs. Papayas also contain vitamins E and C.


Last but not least, how can anyone leave apples out of their diet? It is largely recognised as a fruit which has many benefits for the lungs. Apples contain quercetin, tannins and other antioxidants which protect the lungs and help to improve their functions.

This article is not meant to diagnose or treat any lung diseases. For more detailed methods of detoxing and maintaining healthy lungs, please go to this website.