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The Way To Quit Smoking – My Story

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The Way To Quit Smoking – My Story

My name is Marcus, and I know what you are looking for. I was a smoker for 18 years, and once upon a time, I was like you, spending large amount of money on different quit smoking aids like drugs and pills hoping that I could kick my smoking habit for good. Needless to say, they weren’t as effective on me as it was claimed in the advertisements. Not only did the drugs not help me stop lighting up another cigarette, it instead burned a huge hole in my pocket.

I decided enough was enough… until I met my ex-colleague Damien who told me he managed to quit smoking in 5 days using a system so simple anybody could kick the habit without raising a sweat.

I must say I was very surprised that Damien managed to quit smoking before I did! You see, many years ago when Damien and I were working in the same company, he was a very heavy smoker averaging 40 sticks a day. I was smoking only half that amount!

Then one day, an announcement by our company hit us like a ton of brick. They were going to tear down the office smoking room, and we would have to go down 22 floors to our office lobby just to smoke! Damien and I decided it wasn’t going to help our career if we were seen sneaking out of office every half an hour or so for that all important puff, and made a pact to quit smoking together.

We tried all methods, from cold turkey to drugs and hypnotism, but still ended up craving for cigarettes. Then things happened in the company and Damien quit. I followed not long after…

Fast forward 6 years. I met Damien in an industry seminar (yes we are still in the same industry). We talked about how he had looked more vibrant and how I was still trying to quit smoking. He said he had quit, and told me about a method that was given to him by someone who had successfully quit smoking naturally without any drugs or medicines. I was curious, and asked him to send me the materials so I could give it a try…

That was 9 years ago when I met Damien at the seminar, and I have been smoke-free ever since, using the exact same method that Damien gave me. Soon, many of my smoker friends started asking me how I did it, and I found myself repeating the methods to them over and over again. It soon got to a point where I thought it would be better if I could make this public material so that everyone who are serious about quitting can have access to the methods.

But in order to make this system work, you need to be serious about quitting smoking. I do not want to give to people who asked for it just because it’s free, and do not take action. I had half a mind of charging for it, but decided against it as it would be unfair to people like you who genuinely want to quit.

So there you have it. Go ahead and get the FREE eCourse (top right hand corner) and be smoke-free in 5 days flat. You will not be disappointed!

Good luck and stay healthy always,