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Well I have

Well I have to say that I was actually not happy what my doctor told me about my recent lab test. He said that I had a depression. He says it is most likely a fresh diagnose but I am sure that my depression is very old one, that is what I think but perhaps tests are correct. Who knows?

Well I have

I have been on Wellbutrin for 9 weeks. So you can read the report about every week. It was not easy to understand the difference when you are in the middle of the treatment course. However now I can see and realize everything. So I will give you details and the whole information and I hope that it will help you in the future if you decide to get Wellbutrin. I have notice the change in the 6thweek. For those who want to start it you should read it carefully and wait please do not expect the fast results. I wish I could get the knowledge when I started and the information about side effect could help me a lot. So you have a chance to know important information in advance. Listen up.

1st Week
The hardest week. Every day I only thought about my weakness. It was not easy to fight. I regretted that I started the course of the anti-depressant. I blamed myself for being weak. My doctor told that it was a classic reaction for people with depression. It was completely new for me but I should learn for it.i was recommended to start with a low medical dosage – 100mg. in five days my doctor increased the dosage to 200 mg. there was a conflict between recommendation for my doctor and my pharmacist.it was not clear who is right. My doctor told me to get 2 pills 100 mg each in the morning as the Wellbutrin affected my sleep. However my pharmacist told me that I had to take one pill in the morning and one in the evening. I had chosen the doctor’s advice.

Side effects were not serious. I experienced only dizziness and flatness. The only thing I worried about was my productivity at work but as I did not tell anybody about my treatment plan so nobody noticed anything. Actually I was ashamed to tell my coworkers that I had a depression and that is why I should get a therapy with anti-depressant drugs.
At the end of the week completely new and actually unexpected side effect started to bother me. It was increased sweating. I had to deal with anxiety and I had anxious dreams and often I would wake up in cold sweat. Gosh. More than that, I have noticed another side effect which is nausea. Actually it was not severe at all but a little annoyed and noticeable. I experienced dry mouth as well.

Insomnia was more severe and disturbed me very much. I could not sleep the whole 8 hours and sometimes I could not get to sleep for hours. My doctor advised me not to worry and just keep to the treatment plan and my insomnia would go. He was right and it would not last too long. It is not clear for. I can say for sure that insomnia was a side effect of Wellbutrin as I could not get to sleep because of depression and anxiety. However I should say that insomnia did not go away after the first week. Headaches appeared from time to tome and that side effect went away after the first week
2nd Week

I little bit embarrassing side effect appeared at the beginning of the second week. Constipation. I think that you should ask your doc for some laxative drugs, because you have to deal with it. sweating and insomnia did not disappear. Good news that dizziness and flatness were not an issue and become less and less noticed. However I should be careful at work during first 5 hour about getting the pill.My appetite become less and I was really worried about it. I do not have extra pounds to lose and it was a problem for me personally. But perhaps for someone who wants to get rid of extra weight this side effect will not be negative. I had to eat as usual even I did not have appetite and urge for food. A slight hand tremors were noticeable but for me only. You know I started to think that I age too quickly. I was not able to do the same workout at the gym as my weakness was noticeable in spite the fact that I keep eating the same as before. And I did not notice the headaches. Second week but I could not say that Wellbutrin worked, the same depression and every single day was a bad day. Struggling.

3rd Week
Constipation and sweating are still the problems. Dizziness and floating lasts no longer than 4 hours after taking the pill.My doc told me that those side effects are unusual. And he advised to get XL 300mg as soon as possible as reviews shown the extended release formula did not cause and often decrease the side effects. Little appetite.Weakness in the gym. Hand tremors. Good news – no nausea and headaches. Less insomnia. No improvements. I waited positive results but there were nothing but the depression. i consult my doc about the dosage and he said that I am on the right dosage. I did not want to change the medication and I had to wait up to 8 week to see the positive results. Easy to say than to do. But I decided to stick with it.

4th Week
Started out getting the particular XL 300 mg. Dizziness in addition to floatiness had now lowered to around 2 hrs following getting the tablet. Nevertheless sweating excessively, also having to get more dietary fiber. I had a couple of severe headaches following starting up the XL, although once again, they could immediately be managed using Advil, and also I just thought it was due to the higher medication dosage. I mainly consider having to deal with that for just two days and nights. Still dried mouth area, however hands tremors, also lowered desire for food. However much less insomnia.Additionally, absolutely no progress in my depression.Bummer. But I might be noticing that I am able to stay on task a little more at work. Not as difficult to focus.

5th Week – Side-effects tend to be beginning to lower. Only one completely new one has cropped up. I have to pee alot more. ( I’d personally said more delicately- however I’m a hassle-free man. ) For the up side, Dizziness as well as floatingnessare certainly not noticeable right after getting the tablet. Certainly not noticing constipation (but still getting higher fiber). No head achesproblems. A bit less sweat (yeah! ! ! ) Not really noticing insomnia. However moderate shakiness in the hands, yet at least I hadn’t become any weaker at the gym. Still lowered desire for food. Still struggling, no realizing a noticeable difference in my feeling, although I am able to focus a lot more, and the memory though still poor, isn’t as negative. Hmmm. perhaps this might do the job.

6th Week – Side-effects are actually much less. Absolutely no dizziness or even floatiness, absolutely no constipation (I at last ceased having to get more fiber) much less sweat, No head aches. Still lowered urge for food, and still modest tremors in the hands. However currently, a bit more enthusiasm, as well as emotion just a little optimism. Still experiencing the melancholy, however for the very first time in a while I’d more inspiration, and more anticipation. And also am more kind to myself. I began to believe that, perhaps, perhaps I’m able to get this depressive disorders issue manageable. (now I must be sincere, it was one small progress. Absolutely no huge large transform. If there is some sort of middle stage, I was yet underneath it, but still struggling- although this really is when I initial began to see a noticable difference. ) Much more able to focus at work, and also stick to project. A small development in my memory.

The only real uncomfortable side effects I detected were lowered desire for food. (I do not actually really need to pee more) Great. The sweating had lowered (still a bit more compared to I am used to, however SO greater than it was). My spirits? Just a little improved. Emotion more enthusiastic, a bit less nervous.Able to focus at work, and also keep on job. However you need to understand what thrilled me most? I really could sleep during the night again! Oh whoa! I noticed by the end of the week that I got slept during the night 5 days and nights in a row! ! ! ! ! (why is this thrilling? simply because it was many weeks! ! ! ! ! ) Wahoo! ! ! !

8th Week
Performing much better with each week. More inspired, more optimistic. Slept during the night the whole 7 days once again! Emotion more public (which was a significant enhancement for me personally, simply because I completely withdrew from everyone) Things tend to be beginning to look up. I am still down below what you will consider a typical spirits stage, however it is so a lot better than it was. I still have got tough days and nights, and still have difficulty. However I do not think that it will likely be that way forever- such as I did previous to. Everyday living is getting to be a bit more controllable.

Very well here I am. I do not bother about not really being able to sleep anymore. I even now have tough days and nights mood-wise, nevertheless must kick myself in the butt to have inspired (mainly because I truly do enjoy to be lazy). However certainly experience anticipation (don’t misunderstand me, I still get frustrated, but it’s much better. ) The only real side-effect that I still see is hands tremors, mostly each morning. They are really thus minor that nobody else would certainly notice them. Yet to tell the truth, they’re still there. Excessive sweating is practically back to it’s typical stage, and I am experience much better. I understand I’ve a solutions to go, however it is an progress.

Therefore that’s just as much as I understand up to now. I am going to try and bring up to date. However would like to listen to from anyone who has taken Wellbutrin for some time.

Just what I’ve uncovered: it has not completely messed myself up, which it has produced a noticable difference with my depressive disorders. The side effects, even though frustrating, did not last long, and weren’t by any means really serious. So in the event that there’s a cure for me, I really hope there’s some hope for you actually!